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We have a mission. “To change people’s perception of tea”.
So we set out on a journey to discover what it had to offer, and on the path to fulfillment,  we learned of some of the possibility’s that tea possesses.
It is like a treasure chamber full of rare flavors, that has been kept hidden just for a selected few to find.
We found a wide range of new products and teas, that we never imagined would end up in our bar project.

Tea has been an ingredient in cocktails for many years, seeing a rise in popularity in the latter half of them. Tea spirits, sparkling teas, kombuchas and tea beer is just a few of the many different kinds, that has excelled the last couple of years, and we can’t wait to show you some of them!
We can give you a hint, Noveltea and Copenhagen Sparkling Tea are some of the elegant products we work with every day.

It’s not all finished products.

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To make the cocktails even more complex, we use a wide variety of carefully selected loose leaf tea, that we prepare ourselves,
Most of our tea leaves comes from old bushes, some of them are hundreds of years old, and delivers a rather low quantity, but because of that, we get a high-quality tea, with a more unique flavor.
The preperation is not as easy as it sounds.
In short, tea is prepared in many different ways and the time for brewing is hard to get the hang of, cause the tea evovles every season.
Cold brewed, hot brewed or concentrated – 2 minuttes or 16 hours?

Lets just say: It takes a long time to master, and we still got things to learn!

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Silver Needle White Tea
Yunnan province, China

Considered to be one of the highest graded white teas in the world, mostly known as Silver Needle.

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Yes, we choose to name the bar after this beautiful tea.

Though the Yunnan region doesn’t have the same history and delicacy as Fujian has in terms of Silver Needle, this white tea is more suitable for our project.

The white downy buds is handpicked a few days in the early spring, a very rare tea that comes from a high mountainy terroir, with a more diverse and tropical climate, and a local difference in plant varietal, which influences the way they make this Baihao Yinzhen.

The results are delightful: A light, sweet and fruity tea.

We mostly use it for our nitro cold brews and as base in our cocktails, as this Silver Needle gives an exquisite texture and flavor.

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Tarry Lapsang Souchong
Wuyi Mountains, Fujian province, China.

A tea with a long history, originating in the Wuji Mountains in the Fujian province, China, but also found in Taiwan just east of the province.

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Our Tarry Lapsang Souchong is handpicked, rolled, and oxidized before its hot smoked, using the resinous bark of the pine trees, this results in a strong, dark and deep flavored tea with intense smoky aroma.

The fragrancy we can get from this powerful tea, is mostly used in small amounts, just to give hints and notes of smoke and other neat flavors.

We mostly use this in our cocktails, as it gives a rarely seen depth and flavor to our tea cocktails..

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We collaborate with the world famous Rare Tea Company based in the UK.
Please have a look at their selection

Rare Tea Company