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At Silver Needle, we’re changing the mobile bar scene with a brand new concept.

We’re excited to show you, the first No/Low bar in the world, to dedicate itself to a combination of no to low alcohol and tea.

Delighted to offer a unique service, with custom-tailored cocktails.

Why are we different

Focus on No/Low alcohol

We want to push boundaries for what a mobile bar is, challenging the need for heavy alcohol at events.

With the unexpected combination of tea with low alcohol spirits, we have created something totally unique to this world.

With Silver Needle you get a product made from the best ingredients, cocktails never seen before, tailored after your needs and preferences. We offer a lot of custommade cocktails, so we can make your event out of the ordinary. To give you the best experience of the bar, you will choose the details, while guided with our knowledge, all the way through.

Your wishes means everything to us, but we stay true to ourselves, and the concept which we’ve built and believe there is a time and place for everything.
Uncompromising, innovative, and pushing boundaries is what we are, and what we do.
But if you are looking for a bar to serve you high alcohol volume, we are simply not your solution, for that occasion.


We’ve created a wide range of delicious tasting cocktails both with and without alcohol. You can find the sweet, the sour and the crisp taste along with so many other taste variations. Please have a look at our menu and get tempted.


Why No/Low


Why Tea

For most people, tea is rather unknown, and this brings out a factor we find intriguing.
We aim to present tea, as a sommelier would with wine, cause most things you know about wine, can be said about tea as well.
From the plant varietal, the unique growing conditions, when and how it’s harvested, all the way down to how its crafted. Are all important factors in the tea making process.

Now imagine, truly bringing out the big and tiny differences in high quality tea, as you do with grapes, what you can create with such unique subtle flavors. Exciting, right?


We are trying to be as sustainable as possible, but it’s not our best virtue.
Creating a bar with unique and rarely seen tea products, makes it very difficult to be 100% sustainable.

Not being fully sustainable is hard on us, but there are cases we simply cannot overlook.
We’ve taken several different actions, to make way for a healthier and more sustainable business.
An example: All our tea is high-end with fairtrade-like conditions. Although not certified organic.

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Organic & Fairtrade

We choose Rare tea, our tea supplier, because of their exceptional work with the tea farmers and gardens.
What makes Rare tea so special?
They are making sure the tea farmers are properly paid, and test their tea themselves, to make sure the tea is high quality and organic.

Is all their tea organic?

Yes, all our teas are organically grown, and our farmers are committed to sustainable farming practices.However, we work with small producers who don’t always have the money or manpower for the complex and costly process of organic certification. We have our teas tested ourselves- taking on the expense and logistics rather than burdening the farmers. – Raretea

Is all their tea fairtrade?

We have moved beyond the Fairtrade organization. We realized that the majority of the money went to the organization itself and the certification body rather than our farmers.  We now return a direct percentage of all our revenue (not profit, which could be manipulated) to our sister organization Rare Charity supporting educational scholarships on our partner farms. – Raretea

We  are always on the lookout for more sustainable options, and would love to hear from you, if you have any ideas.

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